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About KinderMate

Do your kids use the internet for fun and homework?

You need KinderMate, the world’s first dedicated kid’s web browser that uses voice search to access the internet

At KinderMate we want our kids to use the internet to its full potential for both entertainment and learning.

But parenting is never that that simple. Giving children the freedom to search independently with your guidance is a tricky balance.

KinderMate helps you do that. Featuring AI, parental controls and animation, KinderMate is a browser, search engine and content discovery platform in one. Using state of the art technology, our algorithms find relevant content from platforms like YouTube and Wikipedia. The search results are then filtered according to your specifications and any unsuitable content is blocked.

The end result is a screen full of child-friendly videos, articles and information for kids to browse.

And one day, we hope to make the entire internet accessible for kids.

How it works

Find content with a simple voice search

  • Ask Frog a question or say what you want to search for
  • Frog scours the internet to find it
  • Kids can search for their favorite shows, learn fun facts, play a game, or just have a chat with Frog.
  • Inappropriate content is filtered and automatically blocked from the search results.
  • Review anything you’re unsure about, then either block or allow it.
  • You can even create a list of offensive words you don’t want your child to search for or appear in the results.
  • Set a daily time limit so your kids don’t overdose on their screen time.
  • At the end of the day you can see what they’ve been up to by viewing the activity log.
You’re in control

Let your child discover the internet at their own pace

Parenting is a balance between letting kids be kids, while allowing them to grow up at the rate that’s comfortable for them.

With KinderMate kids are in the driver’s seat but you’re still in control. Settings are for parents only and require a password to access them. This is where you can find the activity log, set your daily time limit, create a list of keywords you want to block, and more.

All tucked away in a simple interface that makes it nice and easy to customize the settings for your family. So your kids can learn to use the internet responsibly and safely for years to come.

Make your kids curious

‘When you’re curious you find lots of interesting things to do’

Walt Disney was right when he said that, but sometimes kids need a little help. With KinderMate even your little ones can find kid-appropriate stuff they're interested in online, that isn’t just limited to a selection of curated content.

They can find things to do when they’re bored, discover a hobby, or practice a new skill.

Here’s a few things your kids can use it for:

  • Fun videos: watch our curated channels and trending clips, discover new ones by searching
  • How to videos: for activities, hobbies and making things or arts and crafts

Frog never gets tired of questions, especially the ones you don’t know the answer to!

Get them off their devices

Set boundaries and teach healthy habits

We believe in designing responsible technology for humans. We don’t want kids to be glued to the screen, so we’ve built in features to help you manage screen time.

You can set a daily time limit, with a maximum of 2 hours. Your account syncs across all your devices, so even if you switch to another device, the timer will remember where it’s up to.

We also don’t allow auto play on any of the videos. And guess what? NO ADS.

Features you’ll thank us for

We’ve got loads of tools to help parents do their jobs while kids have fun

For Parents

  • Add profiles for each child. This allows your kids to tailor their KinderMate experience.
  • You get final say on what content is blocked or allowed
  • Daily time limits make managing screen time a non-issue
  • Activity log makes monitoring their usage simple and easy
  • Settings or ‘parents only’ area is intuitive and simple to navigate
  • Conveniently syncs favorites, history, settings and searches across all your Apple and Android devices
  • No advertising to children
  • Add YouTube videos from different websites directly to the Favorites list in the KinderMate app using the desktop browser extension

For Kids

  • Ask questions or have a chat with Frog in convo mode and Frog will speak back and share fun things with your child relevant to the conversation
  • Find popular shows like Sesame Street and with curated channels
  • Choose from selected games we’ve hand-picked from trusted sources
  • Discover new trends with suggested content
  • Save content to the Favorites list for later
  • Voice commands and screen readers make it accessible for children still learning to read
  • Pause a video and watch it later on another device
  • Multiple profiles for the one account (for more than one child)
A word on security and privacy

We take yours and your children’s privacy seriously.

The information we collect is used only to improve your and your child’s experience on this app.

  • We make it secure without being complicated by using a two factor authentication with email and password when someone tries to access your account
  • Children cannot use the app without verified parental consent
  • We do not share your information
  • We do not collect personal information from children that can be used to contact or identify them
  • We do not collect geo-location information that can be used to contact you or your children
  • We do not advertise to children


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